A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"In space, one cannot survive alone"

In this shoot-em-up game, you fly across the depths of space in the ship Compo. Compo is a defenseless and fragile transport ship, and would most likely crumble at even the simplest of threats. However, Compo was built to compatibly assimilate with ships of similar design. If you willingly pick up transient companions along your travels, you and Compo's chances to survive increase significantly.


  • Arrow keys to move
  • Space to fire weapon (see below)


  • Shooter - allows you to fire at incoming threats before they can hit you


  • Scout - a weaponless ship. A single collision is still fatal for Compo however.
  • Gunner - an upgrade to the Scout that can shoot straight ahead.

Compo was made during the 72-hour LÖVE Jam. The original idea was to have more "companions" and hostiles for Compo, but design time was cramped during the jam itself. Possible future updates will include more entities in-game.


Windows executable 3 MB
LÖVE file - if you have LÖVE installed 95 kB

Install instructions

Windows users: Download Compo.zip and extract anywhere. Run compo.exe to play.

Mac/Linux; or users with LÖVE installed: download compo.love and run with love to play.


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Needs parallax :) (2:10)