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"How long can you keep your guests?"

You invited all your friends over for a dinner party, but they are getting irate and leaving one by one due to a lack of food. What do you do? Stop them on their way out?

In this tower defense/diner dash hybrid, you must place food items on where the guests are headed, to slow them down, stop them, or even make them go back to the party area. As the game progresses, more guests will start leaving, and guests walking around will grow even more impatient, making food less effective on them. You will be scored based on how long you were able to keep all 20 friends from leaving.


  • Use the mouse to place food on the map

Don't Leave was made during Weekly Game Jam #24 - with the theme of "Friends for Dinner"

Install instructions

Windows users: You may download DontLeave.zip, extract anywhere and run the EXE file to play.

Mac/Linux; or users with LÖVE installed: download dontleave.love and run with love to play.


Windows executable build 4 MB
dontleave.love 1 MB

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